Online Community and Newsportal for Academics,
Researchers and Students in Sport Science

SportProfNet (SPN) is a global web platform with the mandate to provide useful information and serve the needs of students, academics, researchers, international involved in sport science/kinesiology.

SportProfNet aims is: to provide and share easily accessible, practical information for university staff/students involved and international relation officers.

SportProfNet mission is: to build a community and social networking in order to serve community members with updated academic news and provide useful international collaboration/mobility related information.

SportProfNet ’s phylosophy is:
We want to serve. Our aim is to develop and grow our online community by supporting international cooperation/mobility, multicultural communication according our principles/priorities: sustainable development. fair play, equality, environment and health protection and quality life through sport.

SPN’s greatest strength and central „vehicle” is The Community: This enables academics and students to co-operate on an innovative and effective easy way with each other.

Our activities are:

  • Promotion
  • Organisation
  • Academic services (consultancylecturing/reviewing, course design)
  • Translation
  • Charity

SportProfNet provides different platforms for promotion and sharing information:

  1. The Community: SPN’’s greatest strength and central vehicle which enables (for community member students academics) thematic social networking
  2. The Forum: this provides thematically structured information
  3. The multilingual FB Wall: works like a newportal in different languages, run by our country editors
  4. Varioo – Edu: online knowledge bank related sport science
Coundn't contact Varioo server.

SPN Multilingual Facebook Wall