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Welcome to SportProfNet

SportProfNet (SPN) is a global web platform with the mandate to provide information and serve the needs of academics, researchers and university students involved in Sport Science/ Kinesiology all around the world.


SPN has the following aims:


  • to be the world’s leading interactive web platform in the global sport scientific branch
  • to support to create an unique online Knowledge Bank (Varioo) in Sport Science/Kinesiology.
  • to provide and to share easily accessible, practical information for university academic staff, researchers, students, international relations officers  working and studying sport/kinesiology programs all over the world.
  • to enhance every aspect of international mobility, exchange programs, research cooperation through quality online services.
  • to support intercultural communication

SPN’s greatest strength is the access to Varioo Science, an Open Interactive Knowledge Bank, which will enable admittance to vast libraries of sport science web sites. In addition SPN provides the SPN Community, a vehicle that facilitates academics, students, researchers and international relations officers to co-operate in an innovative, effective and easy way with each other.


To be a member of SPN Community and to use Varioo Science Knowledge Bank, you should get an invitation from a member of SPN Community (or from the Varioo Science team) at first and than you can join.

Your SportProfNet and Varioo Science Team